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6) VIBE: We Changed Our Name, Tad Went to Ireland, and 'Doesn't This Restaurant Serve Food?'

The vibe of a burger joint is a very important element when rating burgers.

5) FIXINS: Where the Burger Starts Getting Fun (Silicone Cheese?)

Tad and Dan talk about FIXINS and which ones are a MUST and which ones are a BUST.

4) PATTY (Vol. II): Viable Patty Substitutions? and...Is a Burger a Sandwich?

We talk about the meats (aka the patty) even more detail. LESGO.

3) PATTY (Vol. I): A Juicy History, Patty Types, and One Burger to Rule Them All

Brief overview of the different types of patties and some speculation about fantasy burgers.

2) BUN: The Breaded Bookends of Every Great Burger

Discussing the BUN of the burger and its various forms.

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